With Georges Seurat At The Bull Ring

The problem with scanning old slides is that they usually have acquired a layer of dust thick enough to protect them from a moderate arctic breeze. You can carefully airbrush the dust specks out, but on the whole, life is too short. Better to leave them in place - it's what Georges Seurat did after [...]

A Decisive Moment Outside The British Museum

It was the great French photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, that described photography in terms of the "decisive moment": the ability of the camera (especially of the new lightweight cameras of the 1930s and 40s) to capture a precise moment in time and demonstrate that, in one way or another, all moments are decisive. I know that [...]

No Sadder Sight Than A Derelict Pub

Can there be a sadder sight in all the world than that of a derelict pub? Fallen statues of fallen leaders I can take. Crumbling abbeys amidst pastoral settings can have a special beauty all of their own. Demolished hovels giving way to new houses can give you hope for the future. But a derelict [...]

Lighting A Fire Under The Bath Water Of Technological History

What are you going to be getting up to this evening? I don't know about you but I might phone up The Lad in Sheffield and see what type of weekend he has had, FaceTime my mate Denis in Spain, fire a few e-mails off to friends near and far, check-out a few of my [...]

Caught By The Walking Snapper

Caught By The Walking Snapper

I do love what used to be called back in the middle of the twentieth century "walking snaps". These candid photographs catch people unposed and unprepared. In an age when there seems to be a camera grafted into every piece of electronic equipment, this may not seem like any great achievement, we grow tired of [...]

Some Coal, A Bath, And A New Blog

Some Coal, A Bath, And A New Blog

Where to start? It is getting on for eight years since I started blogging. In those early days, blogging was the thing to do and Blogger was the place to be. Eight years on and blogging is tired, old-fashioned; as yesterday as bakelite radios and political idealism. And Blogger seems to have stopped developing: a [...]